Presenting Courtney Loxx!

Age 19
Representing New Mexico

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About Me

Hello, I'm Courtney Loxx and I'm basically your average girl. I work as a medical assistant and go to school to become a nurse. I grew up on a farm and have always had animals around me. It's a wonder a didn't become a veterinarian! I love my job but I love being on camera even more. I can be a bit shy but my boyfriend thinks that I've become kind of kinky lately. I wonder why...

Our Thoughts

Courtney Loxx is a real sweetheart. She is polite, gentle, and sometimes shy. Of course, once she gets on camera and starts playing with her boobs the shyness doesn't matter any more. Or maybe it makes her more adorable? You decide!

Courtney Loxx in  - Play Video!
Courtney Loxx in  - Play Video!
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Courtney Loxx in  - Play Video!
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