Presenting Danica James!

Age 19
Representing LA California

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About Me

Wassup people! So... I have a secret. I am really Supergirl! Able to leap tall dicks in a single bounce. Faster that a vibrator on a fresh pussy. :) Honestly though, Ill kick your ass if you give me or my friends and shit! And I can do it too...Im 6ft 3in tall mothafucka!

Our Thoughts

Yep! Danica is one long leg lovers dream come true! If there ever was such a thing as beautiful amazon women, then Danica is a perfect specimen, and THAT is HOT! Enjoy all the crazy sexy work we all did together!

Danica James in  - Play Video!
Danica James in  - Play Video!
PHOTOSET Danica James  Goddess on Display
PHOTOSET Danica James Forbidden Fantasy
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